Wednesday, August 13, 2008

come and see

Well I love that saying. Come and see -it gives way to so many different emotions. Excitement, anticipation, and the thrill of the unknown. When you are a child and you go to your parents and say COME AND SEE -what I can do, or what I did do, or what I made. There is so much joy and pride in your voice. Now as a parent I love to hear those same words spoken by my children for the same reason, they want me to look at or watch or sometimes imagine with them. As much as I love to hear those words if I am totally honest I would admit it scares me a little to. In the back of my head I sometimes think, "oh no what did they do." But most of the time that goes away very quickly. Why is it that as kids we can't wait to show our new discoveries, but as adults we are often afraid to be child like in this way? I love the gospel of John because it is about adults saying come and see. I wish we could share Christ that easy with others. Come and meet this man -He speaks with great wisdom. Did His wisdom die on the cross? No certainly not! He still has all wisdom and power. "Hey come and see this man, He knew every thing about me." Have you ever really thought about that? He knows every thing about us, He knew EVERYTHING about her and she was glad. How different would we be if we lived in a way that showed we where glad we are known like that? Anyways, I love watching people and John is a great book to 'people-watch' and learn. "look I found the Teacher, come and see" "are you the Teacher?" "come and see" "Come and see the one who held me" "Are you the one we have been waiting for?" "Come and see" "He knew everything about me! Come and see him." He changes me every day as a mother, a wife, a friend and most as a follower. Please ... come and see.

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