Monday, May 17, 2010

Thirteen year Reflection

So time of reflection: Thirteen years ago I stood at the end of an aisle and looked down at was at that time the man of my dreams. So many hope and dreams, fears and excitements in my head and all I want to do was run down into his arms and say really today and forever. I looked at him for what felt like an eternity and then my dad ask if I was ready. I wonder if he meant the walk, the wedding, the day or the amazing life that was waiting for me down the aisle. Yes to all of it! I looked at the end of the aisle and saw the most loving man and I could not believe that God had made this man just to be mine and made me just to be his. Thank you God! So after thirteen years I still look at that same man and think you are and always will be the man of my dreams. Thank you for thirteen amazing years, four wonderful children, eight homes and countless joys. I would do it all again, you are my best friend and my love.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well I failed at writing all the time. But I am going to try again.  It is Easter weekend and I am so glad God loves us. I look at us and often think would I love us. Most of the time I would have to say no. I am glad I am not God.  Well Micheal has been home for a week and I think I could get use to it, he made me breakfast every morning and the kids lunch.  He did not get in the studio to art, but he got some computer stuff done.  He is the coolest guy. (don't tell him I said that) I am so blessed he is my husband. Well that is some of the ramblings of my silly little mind.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

come and see

Well I love that saying. Come and see -it gives way to so many different emotions. Excitement, anticipation, and the thrill of the unknown. When you are a child and you go to your parents and say COME AND SEE -what I can do, or what I did do, or what I made. There is so much joy and pride in your voice. Now as a parent I love to hear those same words spoken by my children for the same reason, they want me to look at or watch or sometimes imagine with them. As much as I love to hear those words if I am totally honest I would admit it scares me a little to. In the back of my head I sometimes think, "oh no what did they do." But most of the time that goes away very quickly. Why is it that as kids we can't wait to show our new discoveries, but as adults we are often afraid to be child like in this way? I love the gospel of John because it is about adults saying come and see. I wish we could share Christ that easy with others. Come and meet this man -He speaks with great wisdom. Did His wisdom die on the cross? No certainly not! He still has all wisdom and power. "Hey come and see this man, He knew every thing about me." Have you ever really thought about that? He knows every thing about us, He knew EVERYTHING about her and she was glad. How different would we be if we lived in a way that showed we where glad we are known like that? Anyways, I love watching people and John is a great book to 'people-watch' and learn. "look I found the Teacher, come and see" "are you the Teacher?" "come and see" "Come and see the one who held me" "Are you the one we have been waiting for?" "Come and see" "He knew everything about me! Come and see him." He changes me every day as a mother, a wife, a friend and most as a follower. Please ... come and see.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Well I have not been the most consistent about writing on a regular basses. But my new goal is to write something at least once a week. My hope is to start writing down my thoughts and feelings about life, parenthood, my new job, being a wife,or most importantly my faith. Some days I feel like I get it all right and other days I feel like I am feeling, but I never give up and pray that He who strengthens me will give me another day to try again. So I well be writing it all out and throwing in some fun as well. I will be writing soon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stuff about me

Here is some stuff about me
I was tagged by my husband so here I go.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Music teacher at a preschool
2. Hair stylist in Malibu
3.Hotel front desk
4. A personal fashion stylist

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Star Wars
2. Monty Python search for the holy grail
3. Emma
4. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four places I have lived:
1. Jackson, MS
2. Vancouver, WA
3. Campbell, Ca
4. Malibu, CA

Four TV Shows that I watch
1. House
2. Lost
3. Good Eats
4. Numbers

Four places I have been:
1. Nairobi, Kenya
2. London
3. Austria
4. Italy

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
1. Michael
2. Deiga
3. Tim Tinnon (woodlawn site council)
4. Freecycle

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Anything Greek
2. Stir Fry
3. Shrimp
4. Fajitas

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Florence, Italy
2. Hawaii
3. camping with huby and kids
4. sleeping

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year (next 12 months):
1. Greater Financial Stability
2. Seeing my husband get a show at an art gallery
3. Starting a printing business with my husband
4. Dawson sleeping all night in his own bed!!!!!

Four significant/memorable gifts I have received:
1. my wedding ring
2. money to pay my legal bills
3. my mustang in high school
4. all 4 of my kids

Four Books that have impacted me the greatest:
1. the Bible (Ephesians, Revelation, 1,2,3 John, the Gospel John)
2. His Needs Her Needs
3. Boundaries When to Say Yes When to Say No To Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
4. I am so tired I can thank of the name

Four People who have changed my thinking and continue to do so:
1. Christ
2. My Husband
3. my kids(especially Bevan)
4. my dad

Here is the deal. Copy it paste it on your blog and change the list if you are...
Cheryl, Deiga, Michelle Partain, Sarah Wolfgang

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Get to Know Ya

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? I love wrapping presents. I am actually just started
doing professionally, so any of you have a gift give occasion just let me know.

2. Real tree or artificial? Artificial this year but prefer real

3. When do you put up the tree? Traditionally the weekend after thanksgiving

4. When do you take down the tree? The weekend after new years

5. Do you like egg-nog? YES!!!!!!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Big multi-colored umbrella and a music box

7. Do you have a nativity scene? no

8. Hardest person to buy for? DAD

9. Easiest person to buy for? Michael

10. Worst gift you ever received? sweeter from my nanny(grandma)

11. Favorite Christmas movie? good taste Leah. White Christmas: Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney...

12. When do you start shopping for Christmas? as soon as I find something

13. Have you ever recycled a present? no

14. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? scotch-a-roos

15. Clear or colored lights on tree? Colored

16. Favorite Christmas song? little drummer boy

17. Travel or stay home? At home this year.

18. Can you name all of the reindeer? probably

19. What is on top of your tree? An angel.

20. When do you open presents? Two on Christmas Eve, the rest on Christmas... a tradition from both our families we love to do with our boys.

21. Most annoying thing this time of year? Rude people

22. Favorite ornament theme? Home made with kids

23. Favorite food for Christmas dinner? Turkey Dinner/pees-n-cheese

24. What do you want for Christmas this year? a cumputer

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Lord is Our Shield

Here's the latest update on our situation and it is truly a case of the Lord's protection. While it is not over yet, the situation has turned far better than we could have imagined. We were able to retain the lawyer and the Lord has worked miracles. Via a phone conversation with the DA our lawyer told us that it would most likely be upwards of $5000 in fines and probably a year and a half of probation. So then, a day or so later our lawyer got everything together and actually went to the DA's office to finalize everything and the DA said that he actually looked further into the case (somethiing he rarely, if ever, does) and concluded that this was most likely an honest mistake (which it was) and that if we could come up with about $3100 in fines by the end of October there would be no probation AND he would reduce the charge from a Class 3 Felony to a Misdemeanor (traffic violation) AND we would not have to travel to Abilene to resolve it. PRAISE GOD!!!

Oh wait- you're probably wondering what the actual charge was! (We weren't sure for a long time) The actual warrant was issued for 'Tampering with Government Records" which is a Class 3 (read 'very bad') Felony. We were on Food Stamps in Abilene and one of the times that we had to report our income I had forgotten to note that Michael was teaching at ACU, I had only mentioned his weekend job at Michaels Arts & Crafts. (Probably one of those times when I'm filling out the form, and then something happened with the kids and when I returned to filling out the form I just moved onto the next line! So totally accidental- in fact, usually Michael filled out the forms, so this was just an odd turn of events from the very beginning!). So we find it rather strange that a federal felony can be reduced to a traffic violation but we're not going to complain!

Now in the midst of this good news there is still the reality of having to come up with the $3100 by the end of October. To that end we are going to try and utilize Michael's artistic skills. We're going to hold an art sale to try and sell many of his previous artworks that we have as well as several drawings that he is going to draw over the next couple of weeks. We'll get back to everyone soon on the details of that. We are also open to anyone who would be willing to donate to this cause- we've had a couple of people that said they would be willing to give or donate money and so we are certainly open to the blessings of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Until then we thank everyone for their prayers and support.