Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Days

Starting on Tuesday morning with the news that all kids want to hear (and often moms dread)- school is closed due to inclement weather. That inclement weather happened to be snow, which also brought Michael home early from work and kept him home throughout Wednesday (news that made mom very happy). We had much fun playing in the snow with Bevan, Trevor, and Michael taking a skateboard deck (ie- just the wood, no wheels) and trying to turn it into a snowboard on the hill in front of our house. They were actually quite successful, with Bevan surprising us all with his balance and coordination on the slick surface. He by far was the most talented (causing surprise since Trevor is our star skateboarder).

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with more frolicking in the snow- snowball fights, snow angels, and building a snowman (Michael was particularly excited over this as this was his first ever 'traditional, 3-ball snowman. He described all of his previous attempts as conical or otherwise misshapened 'piles' of snow with eyes and nose. So he was very happy to 'get the ball rolling' and make a REAL snowman.) So enjoy a few pictures of our family in the snow (and meet our new dog, Bilbo).
Michael and the big boys sizing up the hill.
Julian eating his frist snowball.
Dawson taking aim.

There were a lot more pictures and fun, but we hope you enjoyed just a small sample of our snow days.